Volkswagen Part 1H0959855C01C Window Switch

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Recommended Merchant $16.99 at eEuroparts

Click through to see all vehicle applications. URO Parts Window Switch (1H0959855C01CA) A3 - Fits models including 1995-1999 Volkswagen Cabrio, 1993-1994 Volkswagen Golf, 1996-1999 Volkswagen Golf, 1993-1997 Volkswagen Jetta, 1999-1999 Volkswagen Jetta - Volkswagen OE: 1H0959855C01C... (more info)

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Click through to see all vehicle applications. APA/URO Parts Window Switch - Front, Passenger Side; Rear, Driver Side; Rear, Passenger Side (URO1H0959855C01C), OEM parts number(s): 1H0959855C01C... (more info)

Recommended Merchant $20.52 at Amazon

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URO Parts 1H0 959 855C 01C Passenger's and Left/Right Rear Doors Window Switch. Usually ships in 24 hours. Free SuperSaver shipping. This part is made by URO Parts. Window Switch. ... (more info)

Recommended Merchant $42.06 at Amazon

VOLKSWAGEN 1H0959855C01C GENUINE OEM WINDOW SWITCH (). Usually ships in 3-4 business days. ... (more info)

Recommended Merchant $43.49 at eEuroparts

Click through to see all vehicle applications. Genuine VW 1H0959855C01C... (more info)

Recommended Merchant $46.95 at Auto Parts Train

Click through to see all vehicle applications. OEQ Window Switch - Rear, Passenger Side... (more info)

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Check the price for this part at AutohausAZ... (more info)

$26.67 at AutoPartsWAY

APA/URO Parts Door Window Switch (W0133-1630895)... (more info)

$51.22 at AutoPartsWarehouse

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Click through to see all vehicle applications. W0133-1630895 APA/URO Parts Window Switch Car Window Switch. New Front Or Rear, Passenger Side APA/URO Parts Window Switch With 2-year Limited Warranty... (more info)

$37.99 at FCP Euro

VW Window Switch (Cabrio Golf Jetta) - OE Supplier 1H0959855C01C **Window Switch - Front Right & Left/Rear Right Doors ** ####About OEM Supplier At FCP, “OEM Supplier”, “OEM” and “Original Equipment Supplier” all mean the same thing. OEM Supplier means it is the same company that made the parts for your car when it was built, and it is also the same company that makes the replacement parts available from your local car dealer as “Genuine”, just expect you will pay less at FCP. ##... (more info)

$27.59 at FCP Groton

1993-1999 VW Jetta Front Right & Rear L/R Window Switch VW Front Right(passenger side)& Rear L/R Window SwitchBrand New! Part#:1H0959855C01CFits the following models: Cabrio 1995-1999 Cabrio Highline 1997 Golf 1998 Golf GL 1993 Golf GL 1995 Golf GL 1999 Golf GTI 1993-1999 Golf GTI VR6 1995-1998 Golf III Celebration 1995 Golf III City 1995 Golf III GL 1993-1994 Golf III Sport 1995 Golf Jazz 1997 Golf K2 1997-1998 Golf TDI 1997 Golf Trek 1997 Jetta 1998 Jetta GL 1993-1994 Jetta GL 1996-1999 Jetta ... (more info)

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